WordPress hosting for premium themes

WordPress hosting for premium themes

If you want to create or change your WordPress website with a new theme you will need the fastest WordPress hosting for premium themes there is out there.

Website speed is one of the most important factors considered by search engines when ranking websites in search results. A fast loading website will easily outrank a slow loading one. It is therefore important to ensure your website loads fast. There are several ways to optimize your website to make it load fast such as using a content delivery network, setting up caching and choosing a good web host. The number one thing that will affect the speed of your website is the resources allocated to you by your host. You can optimize your website all you want but if your host, has not optimized their server and allocated you enough resources you will not be able to improve the speed of your website.

Often web hosts will make it confusing for users to choose a plan and lure users with unnecessary gimmicks such as disk space. If you have a single website and don’t have a lot of content, you will not require more than a few gigabytes.

Most people when starting with a new website will opt for a shared host. To say the shared hosting niche is overcrowded is an understatement. SiteGround has managed to rise to the top of this niche and maintain dominance over time. It currently has over 1.8 million websites hosted on its servers. SiteGround is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress websites. That being said, we have put together this stellar guide to help you decide if SiteGround is suitable for your WordPress website. While SiteGround has several hosting options, we will focus on the managed WordPress hosting for premium themes, as it is the most popular one.

SiteGround Speed and Performance

Often companies charge a premium for WordPress optimization services. With SiteGround, most of these optimizations are part of the plan. The best performance-enhancing feature of SiteGround is the Nginx dynamic caching and the use of a tuned-up Memcache. Both will contribute greatly to enhancing the speed of WordPress websites, by storing static cached copies of significant chunks of your website and serving these cached copies to visitors. Your website will, therefore, be able to load faster.

Other features such as gzip compression, script minification, and automatic image optimization will all contribute to a performance-tuned environment that will maximize the speed of your website. Many hosts don’t support gzip compression, minification and image optimization plugins can also cost a premium, with SiteGround your hosting plan includes all of these.

WordPress Hosting Specs

SiteGround Pingdom Tests

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you need to work on its speed. We tested a website hosted on the startup plan without any caching optimizations and scored an 88. The load time was 733MS which is well within the 3 seconds limit. This will not be the same for all websites, many other factors will contribute to the speed of your website. If you have several plugins and dynamic content combined with many users your website might be slower. With the available performance optimizations on SiteGround, you can get decent results on any website such as GTMetrix, Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insights.

WordPress Hosting Speed Test

Data Center Location

The location of your data center will affect the speed of your website. If your data center is far away from where most of your users are, your website speed will be slightly slower. To solve these issue content delivery networks come in handy. SiteGround has CDN services in 4 global locations: US, Europe, and Asia.

Hosting Data Center

WordPress Installation

Most hosts offer one-click WordPress installations. SiteGround also keeps this simple and offers easy installation of WordPress. They also have a custom launch which will give you access to professional themes, online storefronts, Email forms, galleries, portfolios and much more.

Transferring your website from another host is also easy on SiteGround. You will have access to their migration plugin which will handle the entire process of migration. If you are not comfortable with the migration plugin you can also use their professional migration service to move your website, database, files, emails, and site add-ons manually.

Stellar support is available for migration in case anything goes wrong or you need clarifications.

Other Features

There are many other features on offer from SiteGround that enhance your customer experience and improve the hosting environment. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on offer. If you are not satisfied with the services on offer, you can quickly submit a request for a refund, through there chat and ticket support system.

You will also get access to a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. An SSL certificate is no longer optional. Browsers will show warnings for websites that don’t have SSL certificates and block users from accessing your website.

Siteground Hosting Features

Customer Service and Support

SiteGround offers 24/7 chat and ticket support for any technical issues. The customer service is great and has a good technical understanding of hosting environments. There are no chatbots and automated replies. You will be covered at any time when you need support.

In addition to the great customer service and support, you will have access to a well-organized and comprehensive knowledgebase. It has information ranging from hosting service, website administration, tutorials for CMS applications and much more.

SiteGround Pricing

Pricing is one area where SiteGround might be able to improve on. The pricing for the shared services is competitive however, the price for additional features is higher than what other hosting services are charging.

For example, the professional website transfer service. Some hosts offer this for free, while others charge an average of $10 for transferring a website. SiteGround charges $30 which is much higher than other hosting providers.

Site backups are another additional feature which is charged on the startup plan. Backups are vital for any website and you cannot live without them. On the start-up plan, daily backups will cost you an additional $29.95. A better solution would be to upgrade the hosting package instead.


SiteGround is a great solution if you want WordPress hosting for premium themes. Few other hosts offer what SiteGround shared hosting plans have to offer at a similar price. Their features are remarkable, and support is exceptional. Overall their performance, uptime, speed, and security features don’t leave much more to be desired.

You can find out SiteGround’s pricing plans here: Siteground WordPress Hosting

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